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  • How to write a newspaper?

    As a task, the reader’s diary is usually assigned to students in elementary, sophisticated form, as well as secondary schools – a frequent requirement in the maturitní zkouška exam. This is a collection of separate book entries that the reader has read. How should a newspaper be conceived? What should it contain and what is not necessary? This will be answered in the following.

    The first decisive factor for the creation of a reader’s diary is the reason why it is written – the difference is whether one leads it “voluntarily” as a kind of chronicle of the books he has read in his life, or whether he is obliged to keep a reader’s diary strictly. Of course, the second case is more common among students, and more specific requirements are usually given to what should be found in the reader’s diary, or which books should be characterized in the reader’s diary (eg, mandatory reading).

    In the first place, the reader’s diary should be devoted to a brief presentation of the author – there is no need to write his extensive biography, just a few essential information about the period of his life, the literary direction in which he was created, his most important creative activities, the topics he is working on, his contemporaries. Then the work itself should be characterized – in terms of its meaning, the social background in which it was created, the genre used, or the existence of autobiographical features.

    The content, that is, what the work deals with, it is appropriate to elaborate in more detail – what is the main idea, what is the storyline, characteristics and position of important characters, gradation of the story, its point, or hidden message to the readers. It is advisable to take note of the language the author uses – whether it is, for example, “their form”, whether literary vs. used. slang expressions, the existence of direct speech, the division of text into chapters and paragraphs, readability, etc. – thanks to these records, the reader later recalls the details he noticed when reading the book.

    The reader’s diary should not only be informative, but also partly analytical or critical. This means that the student is usually expected to have his or her own thought, assessment, opinion on the work, substantiated argumentation and above all an original approach to the topic.

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