Introduction and conclusion of the thesis are extremely important parts of bachelor’s and master’s thesis. In conclusion, it is assumed that it is actually written at the end. However, it is advisable to keep writing the introduction of the final thesis. The introduction is important especially because when writing a scientific text (which should be a bachelor’s and master’s thesis) often the introduction decides whether the reader decides to read the entire article.

The introduction of the thesis serves to acquaint the reader with some kind of anchoring of the work, with the reason for choosing the given topic and should also indicate why the topic is so important and what the reader can expect from the next reading of the thesis. At the beginning of the introduction, it is advisable to generally outline the issue, its surroundings and to put the work into the overall context. The introductory words should guide the reader to why this topic of bachelor’s or master’s thesis was chosen and its importance.

If this is not a separate chapter, then the introduction is also a place where the goal of the entire thesis should appear. There should also be an outline of the process of writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis. It is also not brief to introduce the reader to individual chapters of theoretical or analytical or practical part of the thesis.

The conclusion of the bachelor or diploma thesis then serves, as the name implies, to the final summary of the thesis. Again, there is a place for some kind of general “sauce” on the subject, but most importantly, the goal of the work, and possibly the research goal and the commentary on how and to what extent have been fulfilled. In conclusion, the reader should learn what results you have achieved and how, what the results mean, and possibly what suggestions you have made for improvement and why or try to visit – website. It is possible to think at the end and eventually to the topic or to propose further, more detailed investigation of the issue.

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