What is Blood Typing?

Blood typing is a lab test that is done with the sole purpose of determining a person’s blood type and ask to write my essay today. The primary purpose of this test is usually to aid when someone requires blood transfusion or when someone is looking to donate blood themselves. Understand that not all blood types are compatible, which is why people need to know their blood types. It makes it easier in cases where blood transfusion or donation needs to be done.

Blood typing usually works by determining the kind of antigens a person’s red cells are covered with. Understand that antigens are the way through which one’s body differentiates its own body cells and other foreign ones.

It is essential to understand that the presence or absence of antigens in one’s blood is what determines their blood type. This system of blood type testing has come up with form primary blood types. These are blood type A, B, AB (this is where both antigens A and B are present in the person’s blood) and Blood type O, which is where neither of the two antigens is present. This is what is known as the ABO blood type classification method.

It is essential to point out that even though blood typing is taught in school, students do not get to use real blood in the lab. This is due to several reasons including;

  1. The risk of exposure to blood-borne diseases
  2. Ethical concerns raised by parents.

This is why, in school, blood typing activities will usually be done by the use of chemical solutions that are designed to simulate different blood types.

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